The Make It Safe Project Writing Scholarship

Entries due May 1, 2019

We are happy to announce our SECOND Writing Scholarship!

Who:  Any queer or trans teen ages 13-18 residing in the United States. *We especially welcome submissions from queer and trans people of color, undocumented queer and trans people, currently or formerly incarcerated queer and trans people, homeless or low-income queer and trans people, and queer and trans people with disabilities.*

What: Write a poem/story/nonfiction piece that contains character(s) who identify as queer or trans.

When: Submissions are due May 1, 2019.

Prize: One winner will receive $500 and one runner up will receive $100 courtesy of AdmissionWise Consulting. In addition, the winner, runner up, and a handful of other entrants will have their work included in an upcoming anthology of queer and trans teen writing we plan to send out with our other books in future years.

Privacy policy: Submissions will be visible to scholarship judges and, if applicable, in the anthology. All other information provided below will solely be visible to The Make It Safe Project staff listed on the "Our Team" page. At the conclusion of the scholarship judging process, all information listed below from non-winning entries will be deleted from our records to preserve the submitter's confidentiality.

Entry Requirements

• Pieces must be under 2,000 words

• Written pieces must be in English OR include an English translation

• All entries must be submitted through the submission button above by 11:59pm PST on May 1, 2019

• We ask those writing about violence or mental health issues to include a brief content warning at the top of the piece (e.g. content warning: self-harm)

• Only 1 entry per person

Scholarship FAQ

+ What kinds of pieces are you looking for?

Whatever you feel showcases your voice. We’re equally satisfied with a collection of science fiction haikus as we are with a personal narrative. While we ask that each piece include at least one character who identifies as queer or trans, the piece does not have to focus on identity or be issue-driven.

+ Is there an entry fee?

No! We want this to be completely accessible to people regardless of socioeconomic status. If you have the financial means and want to help support our work, please check out our donation page.

+ When will winners be notified?

The winner, runner up, and anthology authors will be notified by July 1, 2019.

+ I know someone who wants to submit who is incarcerated or otherwise unable to access internet. How can they submit?

If the author is unable to submit their work through our website, we will allow a third party to submit a piece on their behalf with the author’s permission. Fill out the form online with the author’s name and information, including their mailing address.

+ How does the judging process work? Is the judging blind?

Our judges do not have access to any of your information, and will therefore judge your work solely on the work. After judges recommend pieces for the anthology, The Make It Safe Project staff approves the submissions. Staff members do have access to your information.

+ If I win, what can I use the money for?

Because we acknowledge queer and trans teens face a multitude of financial issues, we decided not to restrict how you use the money. It can be used for tuition, food, housing, medical care, bail, legal fees, or anything else. Winning authors will receive the money directly via PayPal or check.

By entering this contest, you are giving us the right to publish your entry in an anthology of work, which will likely be available for purchase online and sent in our book boxes. In addition, you are giving us permission to post some or all of your piece on our website and in other media. However, you are welcome to submit your work elsewhere so long as it does not entail giving someone exclusive rights to your work. If your work is not chosen as a winner or for the anthology, you are free to pitch it elsewhere with no restrictions — we encourage you to do so!

+ If I am not a winner or runner up but my work is selected for the anthology, what do I get?

Authors of work solely published in the anthology will receive two free copies of the book when it is released.

+ You keep talking about an anthology. Where will it be published?

The current plan is to self-publish the anthology online and send it through that platform directly to donation locations. (We hope to release it in 2020.)

+ What will you do with the proceeds from the anthology?

All proceeds from the anthology, if there are any, will go directly back to The Make It Safe Project to fund more book boxes, scholarships, and other projects for queer and trans youth.