2018 Scholarship Results

Thank you to everyone who submitted to this year's Make It Safe Project Writing Scholarship! We received over 100 submissions from teens around the country. We are excited to announce this year's winners.

Winner: Donovan Thomas, author of "03/24/17"
Runner-up: Jet Elbualy, author of "Years in the Life"

Anthology authors (non-anonymous): Charlotte A., Pheebi C., Diego D., Kimia G., Andrew H., Makayla J., Emily K., Victor L., Calvin L., Jamie L., Myles M., Taylor M., Erin O., Hannah P., Adriana P., Sasha P., Sofia P., Zoey P., Max R., Max S.

We want to extend a special thank you to AdmissionWise Consulting LLC for sponsoring the scholarship, all those who submitted for sharing their work, and our tremendous team of judges for evaluating submissions.

Check back in January 2019 for information on next year's scholarship!